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Caption Competition

No prizes, but I'll list all the best answers to what on earth Andy Rix is doing here.

Email your answers to me HERE

Here are the first few answers:

Mike B

" Rixy soon realised that his new sponsorship deal with covers 33 had it's drawbacks "

" No longer able to hang a wet towel on his todger, this ageing DJ looks for another way to impress his female fans "

Colin Wood

"Nope - my ears are still cold"

"Quick, ring Norris McWhirter. I think I'm about to break a record!!!!! "

Mark Andrew

"Great Gear"

Nige Brown

He's obviously doing an impression of Smokey Robinson..singing..   "come round EAR...I'm the one you need" !!!! 

The Driveller

"I think these new bullshit deflectors might be faulty - should I take them back to the shop?"  

Dawn Brown

"Andy demonstrates the new Pan's People routine to his 'In One Ear And Out The Other' acetate"

Dave Clegg

"Coming in to land, flaps down, just like any other coconut (well four letters)"

Tony Warot

"Ears another two cover ups"

Phil Beckworth

"Andy's magnetic head secures another two acetates for his collection."