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Mable John

Tamla 54031 - "Who Would'nt Love A Man Like That / You Made A Fool Out Of Me" - 1960

Motown 54031 - Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That / You Made A Fool Out Of Me - 1960 (Possibly promo only)

Tamla 54040 - "(I Guess There's) No Love / Looking For A Man" - 1960
Above Single "A" Side Issued With Strings Matrix Number H667 And Without Strings, Matrix Number H632.

Tamla 54050 - "Actions Speak Louder Than Words / Take Me" - 1961

Tamla 54081 - "Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That / Say You'll Never Let Me Go" - 1963

Stax 192 - "Your Good Thing (Is About To End) / It's Catching" - 1966

Stax 205 - "You're Taking Up Another Man's Place/ If You Give Up What You Got (You'll See What You Lost) -1966

Stax 215 - "Same Time, Same Place / Bigger And Better" - 1967

Stax 225 - I'm A Big Girl Now / Wait You Dog" - 1967

Stax 234 - "Don't Hit Me No More / Left Over Love" - 1967

Stax 249 - "Able Mable / Don't Get Caught" - 1968

Stax Sta-0016 - Running Out / Shouldn't I Love Him" - 1968

Mable John Then Went On To Make Numerous Recordings As One Of Ray Charles Raelettes.

With thanks to Bosko Asanovic for providing this discography.