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The Magnetics

Rather a mish mash of a discography this one. There are at least five different groups using the name The Magnetics, so all are listed below.

The Magnetics (From Philadelphia)

Ra-Sel R7-104 - I Have A Girl / Love And Devotion - 1967  
The Philadelphia Magnetics have as far as I know only the one release, although other releases on the
Ra Sel label exist. John Anderson at Soul Bowl is rumoured to have several unreleased acetates by the group.

The Magnetics (From Detroit)

Bonnie  107374 - Lady In Green / Heart You're Made Of Stone - 196?
The Detroit Magnetics are possibly the same group that recorded on Allrite (Because of the Detroit association of the label). However, according to Dennis Coffey (Who played on both group's sessions) are NOT The Volumes recording under a different name as was once thought.

The Magnetics (No idea where from although I would suspect Detroit, so it might even be the same group)

Allrite 620 - Where Are You / The Train - 1962

The Magnetics (From Detroit)

Hitsville Acetate - Father Time
Histville Acetate - Please Don't Go Away
The second Detroit Magnetics are definitely a white sounding girl group, which according to Andy Rix, are not particularly good, which would account for the tracks never gaining an actual release.  

The Magnetics (From Chicago)  

Sable  102 - When I'm With My Baby / Count The Days - 196?
J-V 2501 - Oh Love / Wasting Time - 1969
The Chicago Magnetics releases have Lee McKinney as the lead singer, so are all the same group. 

Lee  McKinney & The Magnetics (Same group from Chicago)  

Sable  104 - I'll Keep Holding On / ? - 196?  

The Magnetics (No idea where from, but definitely a different group)  

Sound Trap 30391 - Let Me Comfort You / Good By My Love - ?
The group on Sound Trap are a complete mystery to me. Help anyone ?