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Patrice Holloway

Taste 125 - Do The Del Viking (Pt.1) / Do The Del Viking (Pt.2) - 1963 (backing vocals Brenda Holloway)
Jobete (No #) - Those D.J. Shows - 1964 (one sided acetate of unreleased track) 
Jobete Music Company Inc. (No #) - He Is The Boy Of My Dreams - 1964 (one sided acetate of unreleased track about Stevie Wonder) - 1964
V. I. P. 25001 - For The Love Of Mike/ He Is The Boy Of My Dreams - 1964 (unissued)

Brenda Holloway & Patrice Holloway

? - Come Into My Palace - 1964 *demo -- previously recorded in 1962  by Lee & The Leopards on Gordy 7002 and was also recorded by The Supremes. Apparently this is the only track of the two sisters singing as a duet.

Patrice Holloway

Capitol 5680 - Stolen Hours / Lucky My Boy - 1966
Capitol 5778 - Love And Desire / Ecstasy - 1967
Capitol 5985 - Stay With Your Own Kind / That's All You Got To Do - 1967 

The Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles (members (The Brothers) Josephy Green, Andrew Herd, Jesse Kirkland, Chester Pipkin, Billy Storm, Ed Wallace, Fred Willis and Don Wyatt. (The Sisters) Shirley Allen, Sherrell Atwood, Ginger Blake, Hazel Carmichael, Merry Clayton, Marjorie Cranford, Oma Drake, Georgette Finchess, Brenda Fitz, Patrice Holloway, Gwen Johnson, Ruby S. Johnson, Gloria Jones, Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews, Barbara Perrault, Julia A. Tilman, Lolietha White, Carolyn Willis and Edna Wright (a.k.a. Sandy Wynns))

Ode 121 - Mighty Quinn / The Chimes Of Freedom - 1969 
Ode 123 - The Times They Are A Changin' / Mr. Tambourine Man - 1969

Josie and The Pussycats (members Cathy Dougher, Patrice Holloway and Cherie Moor a.k.a. Cheryl Ladd)

Capitol Creative Products CP 58-1 - Letter To Mama / Inside, Outside, Upside Down - 1970
Capitol Creative Products CP 59-2 - With Every Beat Of My Heart* / Josie (And The Pussycats)* - 1970 *Lead Patrice Holloway.
Capitol  Creative Products CP 60-3 - Voodoo* / If That Isn't Love** - 1970 *Lead Patrice Holloway. **Leads Cathy Dougher And Patrice Holloway.
Capitol Creative Products CP 61-4 - I Wanna Make You Happy / It's Gotta Be Him* - 1970 *Lead Patrice Holloway.

The above four releases were Kellogg's Cereal promotional issues. These were mail away 45s. Up to four were offered for 35 each and the coupon from the back of a box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes.

Josie and The Pussycats (members Cathy Dougher, Patrice Holloway and Cherie Moor a.k.a. Cheryl Ladd)

Capitol 2967 - Every Beat Of My Heart* / It's Alright With Me - 1970 (*same song as CP 59-2 but with a slightly different title and a mono mix) lead on both sides Patrice Holloway.
Capitol 3045 - Stop, Look And Listen* / You've Come A Long Way, Baby*- 1971 *lead Patrice Holloway.

Patrice Holloway

Capitol 3176 - Evidence / That's The Chance You Gotta Take  - 1971
Capitol 3265 - Black Mother Goose / That's The Chance You Gotta Take - 1972

Discography by Bosko Asanovic