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Ruby Johnson

V-Tone 222 – Calling All Boys / Pleadin’ Heart – 1960
NEB's 3 – Come Back To Me / Reach Out And Touch Me – between 1960 – 1965
NEB’s 503 – I Want A Real Man / What Goes Up Must Come Down - 1965
NEB’s 505 – Here I Go Again / Jerk Shout – 1965
Volt 133 – I’ll  Run Your Hurt Away / Weak Spot – 1966
Volt 140 – Come To Me My Darling / When My Love Comes Down – 1966
Volt 147 – If I Ever Needed Love / Keep On Keeping On – 1967
NEB’s 509 – I’ve Been Hurt (So Many Times Before) / Through Dealing – 1968
NEB’s 600 – Why Do You Want To Leave Me / Nobody Care - 1968
Capcity 511 – I Can’t Do It / Why You Want To Leave Me  - 1968  

Tracks contained on CDs:  

Atlantic 7-82218-2 - The Complete Stax / Volt Singles Box Volume 1 – 1991
Contains – I’ll Run Your Hurt Away, Come To Me My Darling, If You Ever Needed Love  

Stax CDSXD 049 – I’ll Run Your Hurt Away – 1993
Contains – ‘I’ll Run Your Hurt Away’, What More Can A Woman Do’, ‘Won’t Be Long’, ‘The Love Of My Man’, Why Not Give Me A Chance’, ‘It’s Not That Easy’, ‘Don’t Play That Song (You Lied)’, ‘Come To Me My Darling’, ‘ It’s Better To Give Than Receive’, ‘Keep On Keeping On’, ‘How Strong Is My Love’, ‘Need Your Love So Bad’, ‘Come To Me My Darling’, ‘Left Over Love’, ‘I’d Better Check On Myself’, ‘I’d Rather Fight Than Switch’, No No No’, ‘If I Ever Needed Love (I Sure Do Need It Now)’, ‘When My Love Comes Down’, ‘Weakspot’
With the exception of the three singles on Volt (Both sides) all of these recordings were previously unreleased.  

Stax CDSXX 100 – Stax-O’-Soul – 1993
Contains – ‘Need Your Love So Bad’  

Stax CDSXD 102 – 3000 Volts Of Stax – 1994
Contains – ‘I’d Rather Fight Than Switch’ Alternate take 3.  

Kent CDKEND158 – Dave Godin’s Deep Soul Treasure’s (Taken From The Vaults) Vol 2 – 1999
Contains – ‘I’ll Run Your Hurt Away’  

Stax 45CD4429 – The Stax Story – 2000.
Contains – ‘I’ll Run Your Hurt Away’

Discography by Dave Rimmer with additions from Ray Saunders