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Swedish Allnighter Details

At Last another chance

to go to SWEDEN


In March last year 70 of us took a step into for what was, for most – the unknown. A mini cruise to Sweden, the highlight of which was an alnighter with the Swedish Soul fans. Everyone had the time of their lives, including the Swedes and as a result they christened their Alnighter SOUL UNITY. I’m pleased to tell you they want to repeat the experience. Getting a cheap fare from DFDS has been very difficult this year and we had almost given up, but even though its late – here are the details:-  

 Sailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne with DFDS on Friday 10/5/2002 at 3pm. Arriving in Gothenburg Saturday at 5pm . There are plenty facilities on board the cruiser, a restaurant, a  cabaret, a cocktail/piano bar, a casino, a cinema, a disco, a Swedish sauna and a swimming pool.

 Last year we half took over the ship’s disco. The only reason we didn’t take over totally was that half the party where in the cabaret and having far too much fun to join the rest of us in the disco. There is no blame there, I’m just pointing out there is plenty to choose from.  There is Duty Free available both outward and back. The drinks on the ship are more expensive this year, You could bring your own but be careful no one sees you in the clubs or bar. In Sweden drinks are  cheaper than on the ship and with the good exchange rate are not much more expensive then here, they are going to search bags for drink on entry to the alnighter. After the nighter we will have to find our own way back to the ship by taxi unless you want to take the last coach around 12am. Everyone must be back at the ship for 10am Sunday and we arrive back in Newcastle at 10am on Monday.  UK DJs taking part haven't been decided yet but they will be a fine pick. The deal is 90 per person, that includes 3 breakfasts and 3 nights bed, also transfers from boat to city though for convenience we will probably arrange our own coach. The free breakfasts are eat as much as you want Smorgasbord (big buffet), the food is superb. I’m sorry it’s a bit more expensive this year but it’s DFDS not us, probably because it’s later in the year and you get an extra two breakfasts. To book phone DFDS on 08705 333222 and quote V6679S. The offer is open until April but that isn’t guaranteed, so book as soon as possible. I.E. this is direct with DFDS and the offer is open to other people as well as us.  After you book phone so we know how many are coming, also any questions phone Lizz 07879 441 214.  

Frequently asked Questions



Q - Do I get a cabin?

A – yes with on suite shower and toilet, they are small with bunk beds, but clean.

Q – Can I return to the ship at any time in the night?

A – yes but the terminal will seem closed; start up the covered gang way and you will find a security guard (maybe asleep), he will speak English as most do. He will check your documents then allow you to pass.

Q – How many are coming?

A – Don’t know yet, we’ve phoned a few and  everyone we spoke to are coming

Q – Will the sea be rough?

A – Probably but not always.

Q – What if  I am Sea Sick?

A – “I am” - I found that if I had something to eat, didn’t look outside and rested on my bunk through the initial bout of sickness (couple of hours) – I got over it. However you can get Tablets from the information desk if you want them. Last year the sea was fine and no-one was ill.. NB. I went this February and the Sea was terrible but I took my own advice and I was ok, in May we stand a better chance of calm Sea’s


Last year the Swedes were fantastic hosts and I can promise you a unique experience among some of the friendliest people in the world.


We may well be going for a meal before the event but it isn’t organised yet, we will let you know if you give you phone number to Lizz


The Venue will be open from 8pm until 6am  and the bar will be open until about 3am.


There is fire regulation in the venue, Smoking  is only allowed in the bar area. The bar  is quite large so it doesn’t  cause any  real inconvenience – it simply gives you chance to chat with the Swedes .