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Cody Black

Pamela 7453 - Come To Me (Girl)/Stranger Than A Fairy Tale
Gig 201 - It's Our Time To Fall In Love/You'll Be Sorry
D Town 1032 - Move On/These Chains Of Love - 1964
D Town 1057 - Mr.Blue/You Must Be In Love - 1965
D Town 1066 - Would You Let Me Know/Too Many Irons In The Fire - 1965
Wheelsville 107I - Will Give You Love/I Am Particular
Groove City 960 - Because You First Loved Me/The Night A Star Was Born
King 6148 - Keep On Keeping On/I'm Slowly Molding - 1968
Ram Brock 2002 - Somebody's Gonna End Up Lovin'/Going Going Gone
Ram Brock 2003 - Life Goes On/(The Night) A Star Was Born
Ram Brock 2004 - Love Like I Never Had/Reap What You Saw
Ston Roc 3378 - I Still Love You/Ice Cream Song
Capitol 2807 - I'm Sorry/Fool On The Wild
Capitol 2858 - Stop Trying To Do What You See Your Neighbor Do/Ain't No Love Like Your Love - 1970
Renaissance 1001 - Keep On Trying/Steppin' On Toes (You Can't Make It)
Renaissance 0002 - Sweet Love/What Goes Around

Discography by Dave Rimmer with additions by Gaye Kidson