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The idea of this section is to keep people who don’t attend as many niters as I do informed about what is being played by some of the country’s top DJs. Obviously the playlists won’t always be right up to date, none of us play the same records every time we DJ, so it’s only meant to be representative.

The Drunken Monkey Soul Club, North Wales, 27th December, 2002.

Colin Wood 8pm to 9pm

Four Sonics - Easier said than done - Sport
Joe L - Worried - Clissac
Ambers - I love you baby - Verve
Danny Williams - Whose little girl are you - Deram
Ravenettes - Since you've been gone - Shurfine
Bouquets - Welcome to my heart - Blue Cat
Connie Questell - Give up girl - Decca
Rivieras - You counter feit girl - Riley's
Jesse Boone - I got to love you - Soul Potion
Buckinghams - You misunderstand me - Columbia
James Bell - Amazing love - RoJam
Gladys King - Orange - ABC
Billy Butler - Sweet darling - Brunswick
Echoes - Million dollar bill - Pulse
Vows - Tell me - VIP
Garland Green - Angel baby - Uni
Intruders - Check yourself - Gamble
Jades - Hotter than fire - Cherry Red
Maximilian - You'd better - Magic Circle
Sandra Phillips - You succeeded - Broadway
Creations - Oh baby - Globe
Shadows - My love has gone - Golden Sound
Enjoyables - Push a little harder - Capitol
Victors - Hurt - Philips

Dave Rimmer 11pm to 12pm

Larry Davies - I've Been Hurt So Many Times Before - Kent
Joe Tex - I Wanna Be Free - Dial
Frank Foster - Harlem Rumble - Triode
Patience Valentine - If You Don't Come - SAR
Joanne Courcy - I Got The Power - Twirl
Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay
Jimmy Washburn - Into Your Heart - C/U
Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open - Valise
Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone - Valtone
Donald Jenkins - Somebody Help Me - Cortland
Pat Brown - The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad - Seven B
Brooks O'Dell - Standing Tall - Columbia
Jimmy Hart - Tea House In China Town - Mercury
Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over - Tollie
Mill Evans - Why Why Why - King
Sparkles - Try Love - Old Town
Betty Turner - The Winds Kept Laughing - Crescent
Caressors - I Can't Stay Away - Ru-Jac
Magnetics - I Have A Girl - Ra Sel
Little Charles & The Sidewinders - The Loner - Decca
Vondells - Hey Girl (You've Changed) - Airtown
Jimmy Wallace - I'll Be Back - Alpha
Andrea Henry - I Need You Like A Baby - MGM
Johnny Mae Mathews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit

The Marrs Bar Allnighter, Worcester, 17th August, 2002

Pete Robinson 11 pm to 12 pm  

N.F Porter 'Keep On Keeping On'  Lizard
Edward Hamilton- I'm Gonna Love You- Carrie.
Hesitations-I'm Not Built That Way-Kapp.
Bobby Wells-Be's That Way Sometimes-Romar.
Lou Johnson'-Unsatisfied'-Big Top.
Joy Lovejoy- In Orbit-Checker.
Jnr Walker-'Ain't That The Truth'-Soul.
Bud Harper-'Wherever You Were'-Peacock.
Al Apollo-'I'm Walkin'-CUB.
Hank Jacobs-' Elijah,Rockin'with Soul'-Call Me.
The Present-'Many's A Slip'phillips.
Frankie Crocker-'Ton Of Dynamite' Turbo
Linda Jones -'Just Can't Live My Life'- Warner Bros.
Cavaliers-Hold To My Baby'-RCA.
Spinners-'I Just Can't Feel Help But Feel The Pain'- Motown LP.
Shirley Lawson-'One More Chance'-Soul City.
Brothers-'Are You Ready For This'-RCA.
Barry White-'Honey Please.Can't You See'-20th Century.
Howard Guyton-'I Watched You Slowly Slip Away'-Verve.
Frank Beverly-'If Thats What You Wanted'- Sassy.
Ringleaders-'Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love'- M.PAC  

Ian Levine 1 am to 3 am  

Venicia Wilson - This Time I'm Loving You - Top-Top
Ritchie Adams - I Can't Escape From You - Congress
The Counts - (Our Love's Gonna Be) Stronger Than Ever - Yes
The Four Vandals - The Wrong Side Of Town - Boardwalk
Terry Callier - Look At Me Now - Cadet
The Montclairs - Hey You Don't Fight It - Arch
The Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before - Chess
Clarence Townsend - I Found A New Love - Clara
The Coasters - Craxy Baby - Atco
The Blendels - You Need Love - Dontee
Joanie Sommers - Don't Pity Me - Warner Bros
Jim Gilstrap - Run Run Run - Bell
Garnet Mimms - Looking For You - United Artists
The Interpretations - Coming Out Of Hiding - Love
The Vibrations - Cause You're Mine - Epic
Bull - Bygones - Bell
The Harvey Averne Dozen - Think It Over - Atlantic
James Bounty - Prove Yourself A Lady - Compass
Jimmy Harris - You'd Better Show Me - Great World Of Sound
The Van Dykes - Save My Love For A Rainy Day - Mala
Cliff Wagner - Exception To The Rule - Jewel
The Constellations - I Don't Know About You - Gemini Star
Donny Mann - The Girl Next Door - Uni
Art Freeman - Slippin' Around With You - Fame
The Stingers - I Refuse To Be Lonely - Stax
The High Keys - Living A Lie - Verve
The Eptones - A Love That's Real - Jox
The Soul Communicators - Those Lonely Nights - Fee-Bee
John And The Wierdest - Can't Get Over These Memories - Tie
The Quintessents - Image Of A Man - Vibra
Bernie Williams - Ever Again - Bell
The Royal Jesters - That Girl - Optimum
Lee Andrews And The Hearts - I've Had It - Crimson
Little Melvin And The Boleros - Jealous Lover - Valarie
Patrice Holloway - Stolen Hours - Capitol
Brown Sugar - In A Moment - Mares
The Orlons - Envy In My Eyes - Cameo
Ray Frazier - My Baby's Hand - Wright-Sound
Lainie Hill - Time Marches On - New Voice
The Four Perfections - I'm Not Strong Enough - Party Time
Chris Montez - The More I See You - Pye International
Jerry Tiffe - Hey Whatcha Doin' - Scepter
Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out - Dunhill
Linda Lloyd - Breakaway - Columbia
Pete Samson - Return To Me - Barnaby
Gloria Jones - Come Go With Me - Uptown  

Dave Rimmer 3 am to 4 am  

Jo Ann Courcy - I Got The Power - Twirl
The Enchantments - I'm In Love With Your Daughter - Faro
The Vondells - Hey Girl - Airtown
Major Harris - Call Me Tomorrow - Okeh
Jack Montgomery - My Dear Beloved - Scepter
The O'Jays - I'll Never Forget You - Imperial
Mickie Champion - What Good Am I - Musette
Patience Valentine - If You Don't Come - Sar
Lonnie Lester - You Can't Go - Nu-Tone
Joe Tex - I Want To Be Free - Dial
Larry Davies - I've Been Hurt So Many Times - Kent
Don Gardner - My Baby Likes To Boogaloo - Tru-Glo-Town
Tommy Naverro - I Cried My Life Away - De-Jac
Doug Banks - I Just Kept On Dancing - Argo
Chandlers - Your Love Makes Me Lonely - Col-Soul
Frank Dell - He Broke Your Game Wide Open - Valise
The Magnetics - I Have A Girl - Ra-Sel
Troy Dodds - Try My Love - El Camino
Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over - Tollie
Joe Douglas - Crazy Things - Playhouse
Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me - Phillips
Andrea Henry - I Need You (Like A Baby) - MGM
Johnny Mae Mathews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit  

Mark Freeman 4 am to 5 am  

Exits - You Got To Have Money - Gemini
Anthony And The Somophores - It  Depends On You - ABC
Saxie Russell - Psycadelic Soul - Thomas DJ
Patrick Bradley - Just One More Chance  - Decca
Two People - Stop And Leave My Heart Alone - Revue
Wind - Groovin' With Mr Bloe - Life 
Delcos - Arabia - Showcase
Originals - Suspicion - Soulbeat
Marvellettes - Only Your Love Can Save Me - Emidisc
Marvin And Tammi - Aint No Mountain High Enough - Tamla DJ
Monitors - Share A Little Love With Me - Emidisc
Isley Brothers - Why When The Love Is Gone - Tamla
Jeff Perry - Love Dont Come No Stronger - Arista
Sydney Jo Quayles - I Dont Do This - Winsford 45
Fabulous Determinations - Has Love Been Here Before - Mainstream
Mandrill - Too Late - Arista
Lorraine Chandler - I Cant Hold On - RCA DJ
Laura Greene - Moonlight Music And You - RCA DJ
Roy Hamilton - You Shook Me Up - RCA DJ
Detroit Executives - Cool Off  - Pameline
The Q - Thats The Way - Hound
Sergio Mendes - Love Music - Bell
Pure Soul Band - Headin' West  - Mam
Fran Jeffries  - Gone Now - Monument Dj

Nige Brown 5 am to 6 am  

Alfie  Davidson - Love Is A Serious Business -  Mercury
Clarence Carter - Messin With My Mind - Certain White Demo
Barbara Lynn -  Movin On A Groove - Jetstream
John Bowie - Your Gonna Miss A Good Thing - Merben
Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby - SSS International
Volcanoes - The Laws Of Love - Arctic
Maurice & The Radients - Baby You Got It - Chess White Demo
Robert John - Raindrops ,Love & Sunshine -  A&M
Trends - Thanks For A Little Lovin - ABC White Demo
Salvadors - Stick By Me Baby - Wise World
Charades - The Key To My Happiness - MGM Black Issue
Herb Ward Band - Honest To Goodness Instrumental - Audio Master Acetate
Ike & Tina  Turner -  Somebody  Somewhere Needs You - Loma
Ray Merrell - Tears Of Joy - Jayboy 22
Lost Soul - Secret Of Mine - Raven
Mongo Santamaria - Watermelon Man - Battle White Demo
Larry Trider - Carbon Copy - Aquarius Special Products
Gladys Knight - Just Walk In My Shoes - Soul White Demo
Danny Woods - You Had Me Fooled - Correctone
Albert Washington – I’m The Man  - Fraternity Demo
Mel Torme -  Comin Home Baby - UK London American
Dottie & Millie - Talkin Bout My Baby - Topper
Clydene Jackson -  I Need Your Love -  Joeboy
Kim Weston - A Thrill A Moment - Gordy
Timi Yuro - It'll Never Be Over For Me - Liberty Album Track
Angie Stone - Wish I Didnt Miss You - J Records White Demo
Prince Phillip Mitchell – I’m So Happy - Atlantic

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