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The Kent / 100 Club Singles

The Joe Boy Singles

The Winsford Anniversary Singles

The Lowton Anniversary Singles

The Grapevine 2000 Singles

The Soul City Singles

The Connoisseurs Singles

The Sevens Singles


Miscellaneous Releases

Odds and Sods that for one reason or another don't fit in with the other labels.

The In Crowd

BC 100 - Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Spreadin' Honey / Jackey Beavers - I Need My Baby / Pat Lewis - No One To Love / Rose Batiste - I Miss My Baby

The Strange World Of Northern Soul

Shrine1 - Chuck Jackson - All Over The World / Eddie Holman - Whatever Happened To Our Melody

Wigan Casino 25th Anniversary Box Set

GS201 - Sam Ward - Sister Lee / The Prefessionals - That's Why I Love You
GS202 - Jackey Beavers - I Need My Baby / Joe Matthews - She's My Beauty Queen
GS203 - Lester Tipton - This Won't Change / Al Williams - I Am Nothing
GS204 - Eddie Holman - Hurt / The Four Perfections - I'm Not Strong Enough
GS205 - Lee Andrews & The Hearts - I've Had It / Larry Clinton - She's Wanted
GS206 - The Agents - Trouble / Little Joe Cook - I'm Falling In Love With You Baby
GS207 - Martha Star - Love Is The Only Solution / Emanuel Laskey - I'm A Peace Loving Man
GS208 - Dee Edwards - All The Way Home / Doni Burdick - Bari Track
GS209 - The Group Feat. Cecil Washington - I Don't Like To Lose / George Blackwell - Can't Lose My Head
GS210 - The Belles - Don't Pretend / Betty Boo - Say It Isn't So

Mousetrap Music

RnB001 - Jean DuShon - Second Class Lover / Afex - She's Got A Time

Hayley Records

HR003 - Just Brothers - Carlena / Honey
HR004 - Lorretta Kendrick - My Feelings Keep Getting In The Way / Neither One Of Us
HR005 - Thunderbird Sound - In Heaven And On Earth / Our Finest Hour