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All the records reviewed on these pages have been part of my DJ set at some stage, some have come and gone, others will stay there for a long time. The values are always subjective, but will always be about right.

Jimmy Seals – The Yesterday Of Our Love – Challenge Demo

Another Stafford sound that is coming back into popularity again. As with so many other Stafford things this is mid tempo, but it's deceptively mid tempo. Starts off with horns, and I'm always a sucker for that type of start, and it does a nice job of filling dancefloors. Value wise, around 100.

The Magnetics - I Have A Girl - Ra Sel

Heaven in the form of a black seven inch piece of vinyl. This record was on the very top of my wants list for so many years that I never though I'd get one, especially as the price kept escalating. A very rare record, with probably less than ten known copies. Horns, male group harmonies, a very dance-able beat, what more could you ask for, it's just a shame that the 'B' side is terrible. These are The Magnetics out of Philadelphia, as opposed to the ones from Detroit, and the ones from New York. Current value 1,500, and that's if you can find a copy for sale !

Patti & The Emblems - I'm Gonna Love You A Long Long Time - Kapp Demo

Back to the classics. From the hey day of Wigan Casino comes this wonderful uptempo tune. It may have even been played before then, but that's when I remember it from. I'm told that the copy Richard Searling used to play at Wigan was actually a black issue as well ! This is the type of record that can be played at any venue today though, it is an oldie, but it's not played out, so will always fill the dancefloor. As mentioned earlier, nearly all the copies are white Demos, but black issues do exist, so you'd probably have to find 120 for a Demo, and a lot more for a black issue.

Spencer Wiggins - Lonely Man - Goldwax

Another slow, almost walking pace record that has begun to pick up quite a few plays recently, and well deserved it is, a fabulous Soul record that I've not met anyone who didn't like it. Funnily enough I've been quite successful at picking these up for mates, and I discovered that it's been issued on the paper Goldwax label as well, the one with yellow at the top and bottom, and white in the middle, and I don't know why. Any suggestions ? Current value around 40

Sandy Hollis - I'm Tempted - Big Wheel

Whilst this lovely little dancer is fairly cheap when you find it...try finding one ! A great double sider that if it was rare would have all the top DJs fighting over who played it first. Sandy sings the lead with The Falcons doing the work on the backing vocals, and the two blend together nicely. As I said, it's not a very expensive record, certainly under 25.00, but try finding one. It took me two years to find thsi after I sold my first copy on, and then regretted it.

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